“Monica was a hit at our Mastermind event in Philadelphia. She’s witty, charming, and made everyone in the room immediately comfortable while inspiring the audience to take the first step to wards sharing their own stories.”
- Michael Port, bestselling author, mentor, and podcast host


From corporate lunch & learns to organizational team building to academic campuses, Monica's workshops bring a unique and fresh approach that is rooted in timeless wisdom yet approachable and applicable for the modern audience.  Monica also enjoys developing bespoke content that speaks directly to your organization. 


Write your manifesto: Distilling to your essence

Monica's signature course, she's taught this workshop for advertising execs, college students, entrepreneurship conferences, non-profits, and individuals.

The manifesto is the new mission statement and the beacon you need to amplify your message and grow your community.

Monica infuses the workshop with unique practices she's learned via philosophy, theater, and five years of consulting, writing, and teaching the art of writing manifestos.


From breakdowns to breakthroughs

Every invention, innovation, and movement has started with the initial observation that something needs to change. And change usually looks more like ugly crying than creating vision boards out of magazine clippings. 

This workshop is for organizations (and individuals) that know they need to rebrand and/or restructure to have a lasting impact, and want to know how to navigate an existential crisis. From advances in arts, education, philosophy, science, civil rights, every movement began with a meltdown from status quo.  By the end of the workshop you'll have a new vision of what could be and how to lead the charge.


HUmanities for humanity

While campuses are cutting funding for humanities, history has taught us that every Golden Era coincides with a rise in literature, art, and philosophy. 

With the decline in gatekeepers (i.e. religion, traditional press, societal norms) and the rise of choices at our fingertips, we're a society drowning in anxiety brought about by a plethora of choice without direction. The humanities can remind us what it really means to be human and navigate a new world of morality.

This workshop is the antidote for the stereotype of the stale corporate culture, and traditional marketing messaging.

“Monica McCarthy is smart as hell and funny to boot. If you see an event with her name attached, just go. You can thank us later. ”
— Casey Erin Clark & Julie Fogh of Vital Voice Training


If Monica had a super power, moderating discussions and hosting interviews in front of a live audience would be it. Her not-so-secret sauce is to keep a conversation relevant, though-provoking, and personal. Her approach is a cross between Krista Tippett and James Lipton, two of her favorite question-askers for their commitment to research and curiosity over self-aggrandizement. 

“Monica does a killer job organizing and moderating, and asking great questions. ”
— Tim Urban, writer and co-creator of Wait But Why

From Campfire Chats to group panels

Monica is available to host one-on-one "campfire chat" style conversations as well as group panel discussions. Either way, Monica brings her curiosity and empathy to every conversation, while keeping the audience engaged and on the edge of their seats.  


Monica has interviewed a diverse cross-sections of thought leaders, from bestselling authors (Gretchen Rubin, AJ Jacobs) to artists (James Victore) to politicians (former Congressman Glenn Nye, NYC Mayoral candidate Josh Thompson) to urban planners and organizational environmentalists (SolarONE, Etsy). No matter the topic, Monica brings her passion for research and connection to the mic. 

Moonlight Society April [we want you].jpg


Let's face it, panels can become a snooze fest without the right moderator. Monica is your secret weapon for keeping the conversation flowing, while ensuring all voices are heard and each perspective is represented. Monica is also adept at moderating Q&A's with the audience; an experience that can be painful in less capable hands, but can be the highlight of an event when done well. 

“What an awesome night. You are a wonderful, thoughtful and caring interviewer. And you put on a fantastic event. Thanks for letting me be a part of it!”
— AJ Jacobs, NYTimes bestselling author


Monica's previous career as a Broadway, television, and film actress means she feels right at home in front of an audience. But it is her vulnerability and sincere curiosity that makes her light up and bring the audience along for the journey. Monica has spoken across the country on topics related to meaning, purpose, identity, and expression in an age when when it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the messages and the mediums we interact with on a daily basis.


KeYnotes & cameras

From the stage to the screen, Monica is at home in front of an audience or camera. Her background as a Broadway and television actress, combined with her experience producing events and directing videos means Monica gets what it takes to put on a show the audience will remember, while being as prepared and professional as possible. 



From workshops, to keynotes, Monica blends her unique background as an actress, director, entrepreneur, traveller, community organizer, and philosopher into her stories. Her goal with every talk is to connect, educate, and inspire, while leaving the audience asking more questions than they started with. 


Monica has been an on-camera host for numerous projects as well as on-camera talent. With more events, talks, and conferences taking place online, having the skills needed to be comfortable and confident on camera or more important than ever. Monica is afraid of many things, but being on camera is not one of them. 

Speaking Events (Partial List)


APRIL 2017

Escape Inspires, Campfire Chat-Style live interviews with NYTimes bestselling author Gretchen Rubin

MARCH 2017

Media Training for Global Glimpse team (private event)

World Escape Day, Campfire Chat-Style live interviews with author Jenny Blake and founder of Abernathy, Willie Jackson



LOVE SALON, Moderating a panel on the topic of love and relationships for the Australian Women In New York Association


LEAN IN NY, Moderating a panel of experts focused on female empowerment


WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP, BARNARD COLLEGE: Lecture & workshop on developing language for a Women Leadership Manifesto

VOTE LOCAL NY, Impact Hub NY: Moderated panel including Brennan Center, Generation Citizen, Issue Voter, former Congressman Glenn Nye, and NYC Mayoral candidate Josh Thompson

ILLUSIONIST PREMIERE & TALKBACK, Impact Hub NY: Live interview with the creator of the NYC premiere of the documentary The Illusionists


CLIMATE WEEK NYC: Moderated panel that included Solar One, Etsy, Starrett Lehigh, and activist Tinuade Oyelowo

GLOBAL GOALS, UNDP: Co-facilitated and led improvisational exercises for day-long Global Goals workshop for the UNDP

AIRBNB NYC: Write Your Manifesto Workshop 

MODELS WITH MINDS: Write Your Manifesto Workshop


PIVOT Launch Party, NYC: Introductory speech for the author of Pivot for her book launch 

JULY 2016

APPA (American Philosophical Practitioners Association), CUNY NY: Keynote on Experiential Philosophy

MAY 2016

MOONLIGHT SOCIETY, Prime Produce, NY: Moderated live interviews with three guest speakers about their "off the clock" passion projects

MAY 2016

MOONLIGHT SOCIETY, Impact Hub NY: Moderated live interviews with three guest speakers about their "off the clock" passion projects

APRIL 2016


MOONLIGHT SOCIETY, Impact Hub NY: Moderated live interviews with three guest speakers about their "off the clock" passion projects

MARCH 2016

Impact Hub NY: Moderated live interviews with three guest speakers about their "off the clock" passion projects


Impact Hub NY: Moderated live interviews with three guest speakers about their "off the clock" passion projects


DROP THE ACT, Kansas: Workshop for Independence Community College Theater students

DROP THE ACT, Connecticut: Workshop for female entrepreneurs

DROP THE ACT, NYC: Matthew Corzine Acting Studio

THE FEAST, NY: Write Your Manifesto



* FIRESIDE CHAT: Live Interview with Gretchen Rubin, Holstee, Brooklyn

* FIRESIDE CHAT: Live Interview with Tim Urban, Holstee, Brooklyn

* FIRESIDE CHAT: Live Interview with James Victore, Holstee, Brooklyn

* FIRESIDE CHATE: Live interview with AJ Jacobs, Holstee, Brooklyn

* MUST LOVE BOOKS, Strand Bookstore, NYC: Curated holiday soirée for VIP bibliophiles

* PHILOSOPHY & COCKTAILS, Brooklyn: Co-led conversations about how a stoic and existentialist would survive the holidays

DREAMERS//DOERS, NY: Write Your Manifesto


URBAN RETREAT for Lean In NY: Write Your Manifesto Workshop

THE FEAST, How To Write Your Manifesto

UPENN: Guest lecture on community & manifestos


ENTHEOS: Speak Like A Pro, Guest Speaker on being authentic onstage and off


SILA CONNECTION, NYU Kimmel Center for University Life: Keynote on mindful business practices

*CHESHIRE PARLOUR, NY, Facilitated monthly philosophic dinner salons

THE FEAST, How To Write Your Manifesto

BULLISH CONFERENCE, Miami: Write Your Manifesto 

CO.STARTER SUMMIT, Tennessee, How To Write Your Manifesto


MICHAEL PORT MASTERMIND, Philadelphia: How To Be You Onstage, On Camera, And In Real Life

NMX (New Media Expo), Las Vegas, How To Tell Your Story On Camera

TBEX (Travel Blog Exchange) Colorado, How To Be A Cinematic Storyteller

TEAHOUSE STUDIO, Berkeley, Make Video Your New BFF Workshop